Jill Onallah

Orgreen Goldsmith

Founder & Chaos Coordinator of Midwest Best

All frames are made of titanium and beta-titanium, light yet durable metals in an exceptional quality designed to last. Colours are exquisitely composed in an array of opposites, from strong to fragile, intense to tranquil, raw to refined, sweet to serious and audacious to understated. Designed and developed in Denmark, each frame is handmade in Japan, respected for its high standards and irrefutable quality.

TITANIUM Collection

Handmade in Japan through more than 100 processes, the Ørgreen titanium collection is the very essence of high-end designer eyewear. Light by material, and designed with the wearer in mind, the Ørgreen titanium collection is known for its unique handmade color combinations, created by our in- house colorist.

QUANTUM Collection

QUANTUM reflects the Ørgreen pioneering spirit and ongoing pursuit for innovation. Consisting of a polyamide front with titanium temples, secured through a unique spherical hinge mechanism. A screwless frame, paving the path for a new minimalist design approach to eyewear.

ACETATE Collection

Building a bridge between past nostalgia and innovation, the new Minimal Vintage acetate collection has expanded the Ørgreen repertoire. Characterized by its lightness, strength, and superb color adaptability, acetate is an ideal medium to explore bold and ambitious color stories, a long-standing characteristic of Ørgreen products thanks to Ørgreens skilled in-house colorist. Acetate’s usual vintage feel is challenged by Ørgreens design DNA, by being extended into the brands’ modern minimalist visual ethos.


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