Q:  How's this going down mid-pandemic?

We have secured an entire floor of hotel suites, each one being dedicated to a frame rep, their collections, and a scheduled day of appointments.

Masks, sanitizer, and other precautions will be taken just as you are all doing in your offices daily.

Just be sure to show up to your appointment on-time, and everything will flow.

Q: What's this going to cost me?

Hotel Accommodations are $99/night plus $10/day for parking. Reservations are completely refundable up to 10 days before the event. If there are any mandated changes due to the pandemic after the 10 days, you'll still get a full refund.

Other than that, there's no fee to attend. You're just going to need to make appointments with your vendors to get on THE LIST.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

If you're an existing account, contact your rep as you normally would via phone, text, or e-mail.

You can also click on the collection you're interested in viewing on THE MAIN EVENT page, and be forwarded to the rep's contact information. 

This site is being updated daily. If you're in need of information send an e-mail to info@midwestbesteyewear.com

Q: Hey, I don't see a specific collection on THE LINE UP! What gives?


THE LINE UP of collections just sort of happened.

We received a TON of inquiries, and as much as we love and support all of our fellow independent brands:


We had to figure out a way to deliver both eyewear and a safe, structured setting to ensure all necessary precautions and safety measures are uniformly enforced and monitored during the entire event, while also adhering to Marriott's reduced occupancy operations. All of our approved vendors will be located on the 2nd floor, and have agreed to comply with all measures of state/federal protocol for COVID-19.


[Yes, we will have hall monitors. Keep that mask over your nose.]

What started back in 2018 with 5 sales reps who just couldn't seem to avoid each other on the field, broke the unwritten "rules" of sales, and oddly enough became friends... our tiny networking event is gaining a bit of momentum, and we hope to extend the invite the next time around. [spoiler alert!]


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